Like TV, Could Your Company Use a Reboot?

You’re sitting at your desk and your computer starts going on the fritz. Amazingly, hitting it doesn’t seem to work, and you don’t want to call the surly IT guy, so you stick with the basics: a reboot. And of course, most of the time rebooting works, and the issue is solved. 

Rebooting extends to culture, where television executives have relied on reboots over the last few years to reverse sagging ratings, hence the returns of Will & GraceTwin Peaks, and for some reason, Jersey Shore. 

Often, reboots work, because it means going back to basics. So, as you look at your company’s digital efforts, is it time to consider rebooting your efforts? If so, Flowerpot can help. 

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Virtual Reality Becoming A Reality

Popular culture got virtual reality wrong.  

Back in the 90s, as the Internet exploded into the mainstream, Hollywood took advantage and created a cottage industry of movies full of paranoid theories about what it would mean for the future. For instance, just look at this: 

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Flowerpot’s Design And Photography Make For Fantastic First Impressions

Odds are that you have a smartphone. In fact, the data says that more than likely, you’re reading this blog entry on your smartphone.   

This tiny machine you can hold in your hand is a modern miracle. You can use it to video chat with basically anyone you know, just about wherever they are in the world. You can use it to get directions to your next meeting across town. You can book a flight to Peru in a matter of minutes. Your smartphone contains the entire sum of human knowledge garnered across the history of our species. Oh, and cat videos.  

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